Bridget Flannery: Shorelines

1 - 24 October 2020

Bridget Flannery’s paintings emerge from her engagement with the natural world, expressing the character of place as well as her memories, feelings and experiences. Her paintings, while abstract, have an organic relationship to sea, sky and land. Using acrylic, pastel, and collage on wood surfaces, the paintings investigate colour, form and texture. 


“The paintings develop a visual language that owes much to abstraction. Their nuanced surfaces recall natural textures, atmospheric subtleties, and while they are internally consistent they are not conventionally representational. There is a compressed energy to her compositions while her use of colour and texture is always mature and assured. These paintings are quietly and surely persuasive.”  

Aidan Dunne, Irish Times.


 The highly- textured, abstract paintings in this, the artist’s first exhibition at Solomon are influenced by the tones, shapes and silences of the landscape & seascape in all its forms.


We kindly ask visitors to book a time slot for the opening day and previews via Eventbrite. Alternatively please phone us at the gallery to book a time that suits you. This will ensure that we can maintain very small numbers of guests in the gallery for your comfort and safety. 


If you are unable to travel due to COVID restrictions, we have posted a short video walk-through of the exhibition below.  We are also planning on broadcasting a live Exhibition Tour and Q&A with the artist via Facebook and Instagram on launch day -  please see our social media channels for more details.