The Rhythm of our World 2021 brings together a collection of Margaret Egan’s distinctive figurative works and stunningly atmospheric landscapes based on her interpretation of contemporary urban and rural life. Her figures are abstracted with finely drawn outline and always quiet in mood. She uses balanced, harmonious tones of both strong and muted colours to represent these graceful, contemplative figures set in backdrops as evocative and atmospheric as the figures within them. Egan’s landscapes are bold and energetic and full of feeling with grey skies and vibrantly coloured foregrounds; using loose, blended brushstroke she captures the wild nature of the Irish landscape.


Egan describes the work in this exhibition as a documentary on life during the Corona virus pandemic and a contemplation on the different aspects of our lives which have been highlighted. For the artist these highlights include having time to appreciate and absorb our environment -   “the importance of nature, our wonderful landscape, seascape and what joy, beauty, comfort and hope it brings”.


Margaret Egan:The Rhythm of our World 2021