Comhghall Casey,Toy Boat 2, oil on canvas, 23 x 28 cm



6 May – 28 May 2016

Born in 1976 in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Casey grew up in Omagh in Co. Tyrone before moving to Befast to study Fine Art at the University of Ulster.  After graduating in 1998 he settled in Dublin where he has been living and working ever since.

Casey generally works on a small scale and his preferred subject matter is still life, portraiture and occasionally landscape.  In the still life works he chooses to study mundane, deliberately ordinary, everyday objects, such as houseplants, guitars, rocks, cuts of meat, fruits or children’s toys.  Each object is placed centrally against a neutral background, along the dividing line between the simple tabletop and background wall.  Devoid of any narrative or meaning, Comhghall explains that in some way he is ‘trying to give an importance to these objects, to convey their tangibility, to freeze their presence’.  

Casey has received numerous awards and accolades both in Ireland and Britain, including the prestigious UK Hunting Art Prize, BP National Portrait Awards and closer to home, the Emer Gallery Prize and Hennessy Craig Scholarship at the Royal Hibernian Academy Dublin.  For more info click on the link below.

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