Imogen Stuart


Imogen Stuart is one of Ireland’s foremost sculptors. Her prodigious work in a variety of media has attracted international attention and critical acclaim over a career that spans the last seven decades.


Her continuing work in wood, stone, bronze, steel, cement, plaster, terracotta and glass places whimsical inspirations of mythology, prophesy and dream on a shared foundation with Irish religious traditions and scriptural imagery.


Imogen has developed a signature style of narrative sculpture, drawing on multifarious influences; her idiosyncratic approach pays homage to German Expressionism, Bavarian Rococo churches, Egyptian sculpture and primitive art. She has also especially been influenced and inspired by ancient Irish art and culture; stone carving, metalwork and early Christian literature and poetry.


Imogen’s sculptures may be seen across Ireland in both church and market square, in rarefied academic settings and in private collections. Now in her 90s, Imogen continues to work from her studio in County Dublin, and is currently engaged in the production of commissions and large scale personal projects.