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NOVEMBER 11, 2022


Corban Walker: exhibition by the renowned artist at the Crawford Art Gallery

Until January 15, 2023: Now running at the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, is a site-specific experience within the historic Gibson and Long Room galleries by internationally renowned artist Corban Walker.


Titled As Far as I Can See, Walker’s sculptural and immersive installations focus on human-made systems and how the viewer engages with them. In this show he aims to disorientate and reorientate visitors through a mirrored installation to provide alternative perspectives, alongside interventions of glass and amber acrylic which measure 10m x 5m.


The artist’s own image is depicted in TV Man which, astride the 19th-century grand staircase, reclaims the space usually occupied by formal portraits for marginalised histories. A most compelling show, the gallery says it “alters and enriches our understanding of perception and the human-scale”.



November 13, 2022