Poems by Gerald Dawe, images by John Behan

Publisher: Ashfield Press

ISBN: 9780995672284

Dimensions: 242 x 106 x 8mm

Pages: 23

A collaboration of the arts, Revenant is a new book of poetry by Gerald Dawe with images by John Behan. Written during the turbulence of lockdown and whilst undergoing a period of cancer treatment, poet Gerald Dawe was inspired to revisit the past when he was given a cache of papers from his late father's estate. These cycle of poems explore childhood memories and delve into a difficult relationship with an estranged father. Upon Dawe presenting his poems to long-time collaborator and friend John Behan, the artist responded to the work with a series of beautifully haunting and ethereal paintings which capture the extremes of the human condition so deeply felt in Dawe's words.


This beautiful book has been produced in a limited edition and all sales will be in aid of cancer research.