Series 2 / episode #13: Live interview with Alan Keane

In this episode, we visit The Solomon Gallery in Dublin city where artist Leah Beggs is having her forth solo exhibition. By kind permission of proprietor and gallerist Tara Murphy, we have been given access on Saturday morning to chat with the artist and view her work. We also show a prerecorded video of Leah's studio in Connemara where she lives with her husband and two young children. You can view more of the artist's work by following these links:


Leah Beggs is represented by The Solomon Gallery


The Artist’s Well is a weekly programme via Zoom (live) and YouTube (recorded for playback) which provides viewers with an insight into the lives, work spaces and work practices of artists throughout Ireland and beyond in order to inspire and support each other. It features individuals in all disciplines of the Arts and those connected with or working in the Arts. It is intended to enrich viewers with knowledge, experience, fresh thinking, techniques and advice. The Artist’s Well is a non-scripted, informal interview and studio tour format with the opportunity for viewers to ask questions at the end. It is the creation of and hosted by portrait artist Alan Keane For invitations to attend the live events or to be considered a featured artist by our panel, please email "The Artist’s Well" (title and content) is copyright Alan Keane and featured artists and may not be shared or used in any way without the expressed written permission of the copyright owners. For all enquiries contact

February 12, 2022