The paintings for Carol Hodder’s exhibition Between Storms, show an enduring fascination with paint application and the expressive properties of texture and colour. But the work also shows the ever-increasing attachment with personal narrative, that discretely underscores painterly preoccupations. Memories are aligned with physical  journeys to places that resonate with emotion, and in turn, spark symbolic imagery that function as metaphors for time and place. For Hodder, inscape is just as important as landscape.  Mark Ewart, 2022

Solomon Fine Art is delighted to host a solo exhibition of new work by artist Carol Hodder.  The expressive, semi-abstract oil paintings in this collection are a sensory response to the artist’s experiences of raw, elemental landscapes and transient light, and a demonstration of Hodder’s dedication to the expressive properties and possibilities of paint.


Touching on memories of childhood fishing trips on Loch Derriana, Co. Kerry – “weather changes between the mountains, the black choppy water, that sense of fear and urgency, and on reaching sanctuary, the rain pelting on the corrugated roof” – and recent journeys to North West Iceland with dark winter days and inclement weather, Hodder explores the link between those formative encounters and her attraction towards wild, elemental places which inspire a particular visceral feeling of memory and place.

Carol Hodder: Between Storms